Damn, I’m even more Huge on Iberia

It had been awhile since any updates to the whole I’m Huge category. This was mostly due to the fact that my life in US America is built more to my large requirements. Now that I’m back in The Europe, I’m again reminded of my ogre-ocity.
Last year, I wrote up a bit about how, I’m Huge on Vueling. Well, I gotta tell you that Vueling was dreamy compared to trying to fold my 193cm of height in to the seats on the Iberia flight I took form London to Madrid. While Vueling designs their seat rows on certain flights to not accommodate those over 175cm in height, I think that Iberia must build for around 150cm. I was screwed in those seats and then of course when the turdle in front of me reclined his seat, I was just completely out of luck.
It’s true it was a short flight, but it was still two hours of me doing my best impersonation of an accordion. Just another airline to cross off my me-so-lanky list…
Damn, I'm even more Huge on Iberia