Dachshund perfection lies–on the sidewalk

Dachshund perfection lies--on the sidewalk

Who ever knew that the best sausages came in two-packs? I didn’t until a friend of #1 Fan tipped us off to this pair of dachshunds that lounge around a knickknack shop on Pacific Avenue, specifically, 1368 Pacific Ave. There is a shop called, Hope’s Sports and Stationary Store which is little more than some Chinese junk emporium. I don’t even really know what they sell short of newspapers, Lotto, Fastpasses, and uh… baseball cards I suppose. Somehow they stay in business and it’s obviously solely due to these two tweeny (between mini and full) dachshunds who call the place home.

Walk by and you’d probably never see them unless one is kicking it on his pillow under the newspapers at the door. Walk in and you’ll get to know them quickly. There is the one who is insanely friendly. Then there is the other one who will bark til the cows come home like this. But they’re both friendly. In fact, they’re nothing short of lovey. I can’t even believe that they’re dachshunds given that the breed is privy to such a foul disposition most of the time. If you can get them to flop down on the hot sidewalk, they’ll be your bestest buddies, soaking in all the scratching they can get.

The only time they get buzzy is if another dog comes near their premises. That is not cool with them. Oh yeah, there’s also the case that the other “dog” will come running out demanding pets as well if you pet the two sausages. I’m sure he must have a massive inferiority complex as he is simply no where near as cute at these two marketing gimmicks that keep the customers coming back for more.

I lieu of the shops that I used to know and love which are shutting down by the truckload, this is the San Francisco flavor that I have to appreciate for the time being. It’s not bad really, even if a wee bit scroungy to pet. They are dogs after all.