Czech Beer. It Makes up for their Red Wines

I have to tell you that while I haven’t tasted every Czech red wine that’s out there, I’ve now tasted a few and they’re really quite not so good. Beyond the fact that I’m just flat-out spoiled drinking Californian and Croatian wines all the time, there’s the undeniable fact that there really isn’t enough sun in the Czech Republic to grow a decent red wine, which is why they grow a great deal of whites. I happen to not be that much of a white fan, so I’m left a bit out in the cold in grape-based alcohols.
But, being that it’s the 4th of July (a holiday I spent in Sarajevo last year) I thought I should bring up the fact that the beers in the Czech Republic flat-out rock. If you happen to be a dark beer lover, it seems that the choices go down a great deal. But, for for those who like a nice, light pilsner-styled beer, you are in heaven. The beers in this category are smooth and quite tasty. The best part (and #1 Fan is sick of hearing me say this by now) is that they don’t really get you drunk. You can have a nice liter or two in a night and not be staggering home and feeling like people played a golf tournament with your head the next day.
But probably the best thing about the beers and is the reason that I compare them to red wines, is that they go really great with any number of Czech dishes. The first and foremost choice for anyone wanting to pair their Czech beer is Nakládaný Hermelin which creates a smooth, buttery heaven of flavors. If one were to be asked if they enjoyed this combination, one would say, “Oh yeah!” if you could talk because ultimately one’s mouth would be stuffed with beer and cheese constantly.
Now I finally understand what it is that people are looking for in a beer in the US and why we usually don’t have it. The Sierra Nevada Pilsner comes close and I’m sure there are others that come even closer to the level of a Czech beer. But, for the most part, it makes complete sense why Budweiser, Coors, Miller, and a slew of others are rightfully described as chilled horse piss. Happy 4th with that horse piss by the way.
Czech Beer.  It Makes up for their Red Wines