Here and There

Taste of Broadband
Moses Kemibaro gets a real taste of proper broadband in Kenya. Honestly, I’d be happy to get the speeds he was experiencing in San Francisco!
The Mzungu is Crazy!
For those unaware “mzungu” means “white person” in Kiswahili. Tumwijuke relates a number of quotes she’s heard from white friends in Uganda. I have to admit that I never get tired of posts like these because even when North Americans/Europeans mean well, we still blunder in to saying things like these.
Twitter Diplomacy
The U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Mike Ranneberger… [drumroll] has started using Twitter. First the US Embassy in Kinshasa and now this. Twitter knows no freakin’ bounds!
Kiswahili Tech Projects are Falling Apart
Good article talking about all the issues in creating a local African language version of software and other technology. I know the pains all too well and as the article points out, people often end up using the English (or French) versions which does little to motivate Microsoft or anyone else to bother in the first place. Damn you, chicken and egg!