Croatian Toilets

As much as most people don’t want to discuss this subject, it needs to be talked about, because here in the US, we used to have bathroom toilets that did the job they needed to do. These days, we’ve got these lousy “low-flow” deals, which require two flushes to do their thing and are worse than the toilets in France.

Someone at some point in Croatia figured out what happens in there and came up with a solution to deal with it. Simply put, the shape and flow of water in a toilet in Croatia is more than adequate to do what it has to do. Some places (like the hotel I stayed in in Zagreb) eskew the entire tank situation and just had a faucet you turned on and off at your leisure to take care of things. That was by far the most impressive system, but perhaps a tad overkill.

Probably a silly thing to muse about, but it is a constant frustration wherever I am and it is nice to see that a country has finally gotten sensible about such matters.