Croatian Road Signs are Tricky

More than just once or twice, those tricky fellows with MPPI (the ministry of sea and transport) have gotten me good. They’ll put up a sign somewhere and you’ll think, “Why yes, yes, yes, it appears that I need to turn right where this signs says to turn right.” Ah, but no. The actual turn may be hundreds of meters ahead and there will be several other turns before it that all seem like potential candidates. Taking one of these, you pump your fist to the heavens and shout, “Curses MPPI, you have won again!!!”

In time you learn to question the innate sense of turning where a sign says to turn, but then sometimes it happens that those are the correct turns. So, in reality, you can’t win and you have to somewhat go with traffic or just get used to double backing. The locals have no issue with this because naturally, they know where everything is in these areas. It’s just the tourists who get jammed up and well, I can’t blame them for not caring about this, since I wouldn’t either.

The one issue where this is a bigger problem is in Pula. When you come off the main road, it’s about two kilometers in to the center. It took me an hour to travel this road, so yes, I really could have walked it faster. Was there an accident or the four horsemen of the apocalypse in the center with everyone needing a picture of War (since we all know that War is so much cooler than Antichrist, Injustice and Death)? No, nothing nearly so fantastic. The problem stems from a road sign that is improperly placed. You see, there is a sign that points to the left for the center at an intersection. Except, that this isn’t the center, it’s a supermarket. So, those unfamiliar with the area turn in there, then immediately realize their mistake and try to turn back out, creating massive congestion at this intersection as they try to continue on to the center. About 200 meters further is the actual turn and it’s all gummed up there because of this. I almost fell for it myself, but quickly realized what was happening and got out of it.

This is one incident where the signs affect the locals by screwing up their roads. Of course, once again, they probably know ways around this, since I’m guessing it’s been like this for years and based on other spots I’ve seen like the one above, it will remain the same for some time to come.