Croatian Government Scared by Yugo Terror Threat

Someone went and left a Yugo in front of the Sabor (Croatia’s main governmental building). And by in front of, I mean parked right in front of the main doors. It is pretty suspicious activity as most Yugos are currently within Serbian borders.
In the US, the equivalent would be parking a Chevy Citation (worst. name. ever.) on the steps of Capitol Building in DC. Obviously, this sort of thing can’t happen in the US, but in Croatia, it’s rather wacky how immediately accessible the federal government buildings are in the country. For friends and family living there, they know this is done due to the fact you will be going there a lot in your daily life.
Anyways, enjoy the embed below. If Croatian media outsmarts me, then try this oldskool link technique.
Yup, the media done went and foiled my plans. Curses! Use the link above if you want to see the coverage, although it’s about as exciting as the second hour of the OJ chase.