Creative Flat Tire

I’ve got my site to build, my screenplay to write, my contract to finish, and a girfriend to mind. Why oh why did the weather hav eto go and get so warm down here?
I have a bad problem with the heat, in that I don’t like it. Some people go on and on and on about ho wmuch they like, but when it comes around, they go on and on and on about how awful it is. And it’s true, in San Francisco, when it gets hot, it gets ugly. I will go on record for the fact that I hate the heat all the time, even when it’s freezing cold.
Besides the discomfort Senor Sol causes me, I also suffer from all creative and thinking components of my brain shutting off when it gets to a certain temperature. It’s a mental & creative flat tire if you will. The only way for me to get more air back into the system, is for it to cool off.
Supposedly it is supposed to cool off. I trul hope that it will, since I have ever so much to do and only so long to do it in.