Crazy waiters ain’t just from France

So last evening, as I was taking a stroll up Stockton Street at the boundary where Italy and China start colliding into each other, I saw two distinguished gentlemen walking from a restaurant towards their car. While I wasn’t in on the whole conversation, there was something to the effect of perplexity over the meal they had just experienced. As they started to get into their car, a third member of their party came walking out of an Italian restaurant with an exasperated look on his face. Not saying anything, he walked along, shaking his head.

After he was a few paces from the restaurant, this box of what I assume was leftovers, came lightly sailing out of the restaurant, like someone had given it a gently, friendly toss. The box sailed through the air, hitting the walking man in the back and landing on the ground. The man kept walking, trying to ignore the box of food that had just hit him in the back.

As I walked along, I peered into the restaurant. An Italian waiter was waving his arms around to his co-workers and from what I gathered from his gestures, there was a dispute over the bill and that the restaurant only accepted cash and that these men had tried to pay with a charge card.

While a guess on my part, I’ve seen this inability to carry money with problem at other restaurants before and I guess the moral of the story is to always bring cash with you when you dine in San Francisco, or wear stain repellent clothing.