Crap Sack

Yeah, that’s what I call ’em, deal with it. What does this refer to? Why only the coolest thing you can see in Vienna, boo yah!
When wife and husband are walking around Stephenplatz, in Vienna’s Inner Stadt, does wife say to husband, “Honey, how would you like to ride around behind a horse’s ass for 10 kilometers?” And does husband respond, “Make it two horse asses and I am so there.”
This is just crass me talking, but these carraige rides around Vienna must seem like a much better idea before wife and husband take off on one. Probably a lot like folks who do the gondola ride in Venice when the heat is up and the canals smell.
So, I mention this because I have had these things full of touristy folks, much like myself but different, clip clop past me and dear god! They got stank! But what they also have (and leave it to the Vienna folks to come up with this) are these lovely little bags that are cleverly engineered to catch all the poo rocks from said horses. Pretty clever in a neccessity as the mother of invention kind of way.
No, I don’t have a picture of them. I just never got around to it and I highly recommend you visit Vienna just to seem them, as well as maybe the Modern art museum, the churches, the old city, the chocolate…