Cool Video From SF

The new Swayzak video “Keep it Coming” is out – Swayzak Video
It’s a pretty good song. Very clubesque, but still enjoyable even if you’re not on X or dressed in latex. What I think is even cooler about the song is that the video was shot in San Francisco. At first, you don’t think that it was from here, since it looks a lot like a night scene from New York City, but for those who live here, there are some obvious landmarks that come out like the Transamerica Building, The Condor on Broadway, and of course the fact that a good chunk of the video appears to have been shot at Fluid which is in and of itself a very cool club.
It’s just great to see SF finally framed in the right light (at night) that is deserves even though we don’t get much of a rap for being a nightlife town.