Continuing Sign of the Times

I was watching the snapshots of people as they flashed by me on he subway this morning. At this early hour, I was sure that they were all going to work of some sort. Packed as they were, they all were part of a group that is fortunate enough to still be employed. I happen to be one of them and joined the train once stopped to become a snapshot for someone else standing and waiting at the platform.
It’s still not the “best of times” here in the SF Bay Area. I say this, since my girlfriend just recently lost her job. Most likely, her company is going under, having gone from 130 at the height of the dot-com period down to now; a mere 12 employees. I assume that the next layoff will be final in nature.
The gradual emulsion of jobs into a nearly unfathomable paste seemed to have level out over the last year or so. It seemed that while it wasn’t getting any better, it also wasn’t getting any worse. I think that, despite what Bushie wants to yammer on about, it is getting worse again. It makes sense. You can only have you Republican buddies get rich from a “jobless recovery” for so long before it starts to have more consequences. These guys only make money when people buy things. The more people without the power to do so, means less money for them and in turn, less profits, which obviously means that more heads have to role.
A few other examples of recent job loss include Providian, which is laying off something like 15,000 people. And then, there is the merger of Bank of America and Boston Fleet Bank, which I’m sure will cost many more countless jobs as part of the merger and overall attrition not being replaced.
John Kerry says that there is job loss, which needs to be stopped. George Bush says that there are new jobs being created and they’re both right. It just happens that Bush is leaving out an important fact that new jobs being created is either less than or just 1,000 more than the ones being lost.
The economy isn’t growing. The very rich upper class are getting richer, but those of us in Normal Land aren’t feeling the pinch. It’s too bad that no matter who wins the presidential election in November will be a very wealthy man in control of hordes that neither really have that close an association with the majority of Americans.