Construction, Endless Construction

Big cities are always growing and changing. This is not really a big mystery to anyone, but if you’re a country boy like me and move into a metropolis like San Francisco, it can come as a bit of a suprise that there is always some loud something or other making noise near your apartment.
The suprising bit about all of this is that most of the construction is still coming from the fact that there was a space shortage when the whole “new economy” rolled into town. The “new economy” has gone the way of old history, but for some reason the construction still continues. It’s true that in a place like SF, it is never an unpopular place and people always want to live. Still though, I wonder why construction continues three and a half years after the fallout.
Anyways, this is a just a nicer way of asking why the hell do I have to get up with the construction crews at 8 and why can’t we just make the new start time for construction something like 10 dammit!