Complete Lack of Customer Service

What the hell is up with companies these days? They have basically dumped customer as something that is needed to keep customers around and guess what, we accept it!
This has all been made of so clear as I am dealing with a glitch in my DSL connection. Oh yes, my DSL connection. My wonderful, stupid DSL connection. This great, high-speed connection to the world of information that seems to keep getting taken offline for some reason or another. Well, it’s down again today. Not really a big surprise after all, since someone in my building got their line shut off, so hey, why not take out this other one as well. God damned SBC! While I don’t know for sure that it’s them, since it could very well be my provider, Speakeasy, I’m pretty sure that one of their flunkies has hosed me again.
The best part in all of this is that I’m the one getting screwed, because I don’t have a line that I’m paying $100 a month for and if for some reason, someone decides to, I get billed $200 for them to come out and fix their problem!
Of course, I don’t expect to get billed, since I’ve run line tests as far down the phone system in my building as I can, to find that there is, as I expected no problem. I don’t know where the problem is, but I do know that it’s not mine and yet, it is going to take four days for them to come out! Four days! It’s a good thing that I’m not an actual business and am not trying to do consulting work anymore, or I’d be out a lot of money. Oh yes, the last fun part in all this is that they expect me to be at home when the service tech comes out, which is grand, since they expect me to be at home, on a weekday to wait for someone that may or may not show up. It’s such a load of crap! I think we should figure out some way to reverse bill for all this garbage, since it costs my time to deal with it. Argh!