Commercial Trends

I don’t know if the commercials that we see on television follow what’s happening in the country or if they set the trend for what is going to happen. There are two things I’ve been seeing which argue both point.
Firstly, if you watch commercials these days, you will see groups of people that are multi-racial. In adds for the latest kid’s toy up to adds for Best Buy, it would appear to someone judging our nation by watching television that racial integration isn’t a problem here and that we all get along fine and are happy little consumers.
Of course, anyone living in the US will beg to differ, noting that while people of different races are living in the same cities together, it is at best tolerable for those concerned and at worst, down right hostile with different areas of town for those of different colors.
But, this is definitely a strange thing in what we’re seeing on tv and honestly there is no reason for the ad people to be doing this, since they typically will only do what sells the most of the product. So, I’m not sure as to whether the people in media are trying to create racial harmony by saturating the air waves with it, or if there is some marketing reason that I’m not aware of which is creating the phenomena.
The second trend that I”ve noticed has only come about during the current Bush Boy regime and it’s based on the large contrast that I’ve seen from ads that were running during the Clinton years. Ads for any household products, or childcare, or anything else that was, traditionally considered the woman’s domain have usually always featured women in the commercials. This changed a great deal during Clinton’s time in office. You would see men chnaging diapers, men cleaning the house, and men taking care of the children. While the majority of the time, you would still see women doing these jobs, there were a good many ads that had men in these roles, which in my estimation was a good thing, since there is no reason that these have to be jobs for women.
Once 2000 rolled around and Bushie came into office, every ad that had a man doing what could be considered a woman’s domestic job vanished. It’s true! See if you can find one today. I haven’t seen one in a very long time and it appears that we’ve gone back to the days when all that should really be on a woman’s mind is incubating a fetus and wondering if her pots are cleaner than Sally’s and if not, what S.E. Johnson product could make them cleaner.
It’s a sad trend and it’s sickening to me personally, but it seems to be a sign of the times when you have such things as Bush signing an abortion billed into law while surrounded by old, white, men, in black suits, which I hope someone uses against him in the next campaign.