Comments are Here

By now, if you read this puppy on any kind of a regular basis, you’ve realized that there is the ability to give feedback on any article. Yes, that’s right, you can now school me or anyone else who might write here, if you think it’s deserved.
The reason for this sudden change was for a couple of reason. One was that it was something I had been meaning to add in for a long time. This site isn’t built on Movable Type or any of the other blog platforms. I built it myself, which means that when something new needs to be here, I have to add it. Another reason for adding this was that it had been requested. Most recently by a visitor from Europe, which brought me back to point one in that I really meant to add it and this was just another push. The last thing I’m hoping with this is that as I practice my Croatian on my own, due to my new lack of a class, I’m hoping that if I ever enter a blog article in the language, that those I know who speak the language will “gently guide” me in the direction needed so that I don’t sound like the Croatian equivalent of Borat… Oh yeah, the site version has been upgraded to 5.3.1 as of now. It was a nice even 5.3.0 and then I realized I made an ugly boo boo after I pushed all this out.