Comerç is to be cut


At times, I have woken at some hours that barely even qualify as morning due to their insanely early time. If it’s not due to my idiotic neighbors banging about upstairs, then it’s probably due to my having to catch a bus or a train at 5AM to go to the airport all in the name of not taking a taxi. Yes, I hate taxis that much.

You see, they come pretty much come in one flavor: conservative, highly opinionated, and of the belief that they are incredibly crafty when it comes to shortcuts. Like taxes, death, and prostitution, this a constant the world over. Thus the reason that that Carrer Comerç is essentially a death trap for pedestrians. It’s similar for any street that cuts through Barcelona Old Town core such as Via Laietana or Les Rambles. Taxi drivers love the donkey sex out of these streets because they offer then the ability to ply their “genius” shortcut ways and Comerç, while it really isn’t shorter, offers them another alternative to taking Passeig de Picasso which was actually deisgned to handle traffic and has timed lights. Of course, they’re also always hoping that some lazy tourist will flag them down as opposed to taking the excellent Metro or bus routes we local schmoes favor.

The number of times I’ve nearly been creamed walking across Comerç are too many to count as for years, it has bisected the Mercat del Born neighborhood from El Born and well, most of the center. This is all changing though as of April 3rd because a through street Comerç will be no more. They’re converting it, along with the streets around the old market to all be part of a large extension of the drunken tourist-fest that is Passeig del Born.

This comes with mixed blessings for me. While I’ll now be able to walk with one less threat to my life, at the same time, my area will hence be joined in to the theme park that the tourist hungry politicians have created for tourists. Admittedly, where I live probably won’t be that bad as it’s a bizarre little street with not much on it except for the squalor of La Paradeta. I can handle a little change though if it comes at the cost of taxi drivers having one less shortcut to lay claim to.