Cold Medication

As I have a rather magnificent cold that is ripping me up right now, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to review some points on cold medication. Let me preface this by saying, cold medication is all a bunch of crap and there’s no way in the world we’re ever going to have a cure for the cold while the NyQuil and Sudafed folks are making a fortune on selling things that just cover up the symptoms.
So, for starters, why are the DayQuil pills so freakin’s huge?!! It’s like trying to swallow a horse pill when you take one of those things. And the amazing thing is that I don’t think that they’re enough medication for me. I’m guessing that since these are a one dose fits all kind of thing, they gear the dosage for a person around 150 pounds. That’s about 50 (40 on a good week) pounds too little for me. I bet I really need to take about three of these puppies to get the effect some waify 115 pound girl can get.
The other thing I’ve noticed is that the capsule form of NyQuil doesn’t do crap. Sure, it will kinda knock things out for a little bit, but really, it just doesn’t so the trick and about 3 in the morning, you’re hacking and coughing again. I would assume that this is about dosage issue for me. But, I think it’s also because even if it were a heavier dose, it still wouldn’t be anywhere near the amount I need. I like to really OD on the Quil when I take it. Straight out of the bottle, that’s my motto.
Someday they’ll have everything in capsules though, to stop idiots in college like yours truly from buying a whole bottle of Robitussin DM at Ralph’s in San Diego to drink all by myself to get drunk/high. Let me tell you that it does work, but it also really doesn’t work. All of us in that experiment had some pretty vicious allergic reactions to the Tussin and I’m amazed we didn’t end up in the ER. So, to all you college jerkwads out there who think it sounds like a great plan because some hot chick from a private school back east told you it was awesome, think twice, find some sixth year senior who has no social life to go out and buy you natural booze to get drunk off of. Your major organs will thank you.