Club Standing

Interesting thing I’ve noticed a lot when going out to bars or clubs that are playing good music, in that, no one is dancing, just standing. It’s kind of odd behavior, since one would think the whole reason for going out would be to “get yer freak on”, but no, people just stand there, in large groups, only talking to each other.
In theory, you want to go to a bar/club for one or two purposes: either get drunk, or meet people of the opposite sex. Since you can get drunk at home very easily and it’s not only cheaper, but you can choose your own music, one must assume that you’re going to a club to meet people. Due to the fact that the music is rather extremely loud at these places, it makes it rather hard to talk to other people, so that would make it hard to actually meet people. In the end, this pretty much leaves dancing as your only method of self-expression, since it’s something of an extension of yourself and at the very least, it gives you a chance to get up next to somebody and “hi” so to speak.
This is where the mystery of the Club Standing comes into place. I was at Le Colonial and The Clift House last evening and there were lots of people, with good music playing and all they did was stand around. No one even swayed to the beat. Oh sure, your occasional goof off would break out some eighties moves just for fun, but no one was actually dancing. So, that means everyone probably went home with who they came there with.
Suddenly I realize why online dating has become so popular…