Some people find it hard to dress right for San Francisco, because after all, we have these micro-climates. They’re little pockets around town where you’ll have a radical temperature shift. It makes sense of course because there is a lot of different landscapes and areas with more people or less people, more cars or less cars. There’s an ocean on one side and a bay on the other side. Naturally, tourists are always easy to pick out since they wear shorts because its warm in the morning, but then they look funny when they’re at the beach and freezing or just walking around downtown shivering because it gets cold in the afternoon.
It’s all quite funny, but not so funny as my trip between SF and Walnut Creek, because in a lot of cases the changes of degrees in the City are in peoples’ heads, whereas when you travel 20+ miles out to the Creek, the change can be as much as 15 degrees plus or minus. Try packing right for that!