Classic meets classic ringing the death of US music

The trends in popular music these days revolve solely around remixes in the US. There is no new music that rises to form a front of the new aesthetic unless you count the faux punk rehash that is coming out of the hipster set. I find nothing new nor enjoyable in what they produce. It is meant to be loud, brash and ironic with little shown in musical craft.
For me, popular music pretty much heaved its last breath in the US in the early 1990s. The wave of grunge that came about was shaped a great deal by previous waves before and grunge acknowledged them and built upon them, bringing something new to the mix. It wasn’t a remix, but apparently, now it is.

This mashup of Nirvana’s “Teen spirit” and Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” is nothing short of genius. Who knew that the two songs would meld so well? Unfortunately this is also telling to the state of music in not just the US, but also Europe to a great deal. The best things coming out are those that have already been done.
What’s the alternative? I’ll tell you that it is not within our borders. We have to look internationally to where musicians still work their asses off to get know. Africa. There are a great many musicians coming out of the continent, specifically Nneka whose song Heartbeat is just fantastic. She’s Nigerian and before you think that this is going to be some drum circle crap that your dreadlocked, cannabis-smoking neighbor would be blasting, let me tell you that it ain’t. It’s damned honest music that anyone who still has taste in the craft of notes and words should listen to.