City Hotel, Ljubljana

Overall, I have to say that the City Hotel is pretty good (60€ for a single). The rooms are clean and the prices are not bad for hotels here in general. Good breakfast spread in the morning.
The location is great, since your are about a five minute walk from the old part of town. That is something I always like since taking an hour to get in to town is a tough way to start the day.
They also have free wireless internet in all the rooms as well as internet time you can purchase in the lobby if you wish. And there is a Europcar in the lobby.
The downsides are that they are doing some construction on the hotel and there is also construction next door that starts rather early in the morning. Also, the walls are a tad bit thin and I could hear a neighbor coughing in the night. I can only imagine what it would be like to have a newlywed couple next door instead…

I should also add that reservations are heavily suggested. I just tried to stay another night and was shot down since they are booked and this is in the off season. Of course a great many of the rooms (maybe half) are being remodeled, so your mileage may vary if you decide to come here.