Circle Line Grrr

Looking back on it, yeah, it was my fault as Chris and I were cruising down the Picadilly Line to transfer to the Circle Line on his last day in London (a Saturday) in order to get up to Notting Hill to go to a pub I know about there, which isn’t usually overrun with tourists.
On Friday we had heard it in the Tube station and we heard it on Saturday as well, but I wasn’t listening obviously. I remember there being signs too, but apparently I wasn’t reading as well. As we got off our train and headed up the stairs for the transfer, I saw the fences around the platform and we heard it again, “The Circle Line will be closed for the weekend to facilitate repairs. Please take the neccessary means needed to get to your destination.”
So there it was. I hadn’t paid any attention and hadn’t taken the neccessary means to get to my destination and thusly was stranded. Getting beyond our frustrations, we started walking.
We walked for about an hour and finally got to the pub. There we found refreshments in the form of beer and Mad Cow Burgers which were mighty tasty. Chris wasn’t crazy about the English beers and stuck to Stella after a few and I was in to my Guinness. There were an amazing amount of Americans there, but it was okay. They were quiet and were more annoying to the pub staff than anyone else.
After a few, we called it quits, headed out and prepared the proper manner in which to get back which was Central Line to Bakerloo to Picadilly Circus. Once home, it was a quiet night of passing out.
Ah, but the Circle Line. How you warned me so and I took but nothing at your words which duly spoilt me in the end…