Chicken Spears

It’s interesting. Many people like chicken. It’s a staple food in many countries and of course there’s always the “tastes like chicken” comment to liven up any meal. It’s a constant it seems with many except me. Don’t get me wrong, chicken is fine. I like to eat it all right, but I don’t crave it by any means and I’ll generally always pick another meat if there’s another choice. Not really a “chicken person” would probably best sum things up for me.
Basically, I think of chicken and Britney Spears in the same way. In general, they’re both pretty good and I can stand them usually. They’ll even be tasty sometimes. But despite whatever you do to them and no matter how you dress them up to look different, they just seem to be lacking on substance when you get right down to it.
Hence my “Chicken Spears” title. I think my back is bothering me more than I realized…