Chernobyl Visit

With each successive thing that humankind invents, there always seems to be a struggle in how to counter it. In the past, we were able to always beat back what we created, but as time goes on, out ability to do this lessens, probably because each new thing that comes along is a compoung idea of ones that came before it.
We invent fire, we figure out how to put it out, control and create it artificially. We harness light and can have it on or off at our leisure. We invent the gun and we figure out ways to stop the bullets it shoots, somewhat anyways. We discover nuclear power and we pretty get stumped. While we can harness it and make it portable, we’re still really at its mercy and it’s something we never should have started to dig in to.
This is all evidenced by the disaster that was Chernobyl. I hardly remember it as it was 20 years ago and I was nine. Everyone talked about it though and it was such a huge disaster that not even the Soviet government could keep a lid on it. But really, the Soviets weren’t the only ones with problems. Here’s a list of issues in the USA that have happened as we’ve been trying to harness the atom. All it takes is one or two large-scale disasters and that’s pretty much it for us. Keep in mind that only one of Chernobyl’s reactors went and you saw how bad that ended up being. The fallout from that reached around the world. It’s the excuse why many in the Ukraine and Belarus wanted to leave. But, some Finnish guys actually went on a tour of Chernobyl. While the area is still pretty much a ghost town, people still visit and have even started living there! I suppose a lot of the irradiated vegetation and soil has washed away at this point but still, it’s a freakin’ fallout zone. I don’t even want to be on the same planet as it.