Cheap Foreign Furniture Thrills

There was the kitchen side table at Crate and Barrel I had been looking at for awhile. The only catch of course was that it was $400 and that was just too much. Well, it suddenly went on sale for $250, then I managed to get a friend who had a discount to get it and it worked out to $200. A pretty good deal.
I just received the table on Saturday and when I was looking over the box, I noticed that it had been shipped from Slovenia, specifically a company called Liko Vrhnika in Slovenia. “Well that’s mighty groovy. My own piece of Slovenia for my home.” You see, Hudins just aren’t in Croatia. They’re also in Slovenia to a great degree and while the location of this company in Vrhnika is in the more western part of Slovenia away from the Hudins i nthe East, I’m still down with it. Slavs making furniture that I can buy in US. That’s cool.
What was more than a little amuzing was the fact that when I started to put this thing together, I got to a point where I was stumped. Where two holes were supposed to be on the legs, there were no holes. They were started from the other side, but it’s like I got a piece of furniture that was made at the end of the day on Friday, just before closing, when the beer was calling. It wasn’t a tremendous deal as I was able to drill out the holes that needed to be there, but for someone less handy, it wouldn’t have been so cool. I gotta say that I’m let down a little by my Slav brothers, but I’ll get over it in time and enjoy my less than full-holed Slovenian kitchen side table.