Ćevapčići is… The Bomb

Ćevapčići is something that I had for the first time in 2006. Despite the fact that the mecca for these little guys is in Sarajevo, I experienced these in Ljubljana (made lovingly by Bosniaks) and I loved them. I’ve had parties at my place centered around the almighty Ćevapčići.

So, when in Sarajevo, I ate these like there was no tomorrow because all the rumors are true; they are the best in Bosnia Herzegovina. We tried them at various restaurants and they are all pretty much at the level of really good. The one place that always makes it to the top of any Ćevapćići list is Željo I (there is a Željo II across the street, thus the number). Honestly, I can’t say that they’re the absolute best there, but they’re really damned good. You just have to make sure to get them with kajmak–‘sa kajmakom’ (a type of tasty, tasty cheese) if you want the full experience.

There is only thing that I can’t get used to and that is the fact that locals will only use the pita bread that comes with the Ćevapčići to kind of pick up a little bit with the meat. I know that people here really like their meat, but the bread is really good and why even get it if you just want the meat? I have to say that I go against the grain, pick up the whole thing and eat it like an inverted Bosnian taco and I love every bite of it.

My only regret is that heading in to Croatia will suck because Ćevapčići are non-poisonous there at best and revolting at worst. Plus, there’s no kajmak, just ajvar! I love my ajvar, but Ćevapčići are not Ćevapčići without the kajmak.

Ćevapčići is... The Bomb

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  1. if you get up to banja luka, they’re good up there too, but a little different.

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