Cellphone users that just don’t get it

Like most, I have a cellphone. It’s not a big deal and I have it for two reasons: to be gotten a hold of when I’m out and about and to make long distance phone calls.
I don’t live and die by my cellphone, but I am amazed at the hardship that others cause me with their cellphones. One such group is some of the French. The only countries I’ve been to outside the US are England, Germany, and France. Out of those groups, I found there were more annoying French cellphone users than anywhere else.
People there yell at their phones. They try out all the ring tones the phone can make while sitting next to you and the best one is when a waiter is taking your order and he answers his cellphone in the middle of it. The last one I obviously brought upon myself, since I am a stupid American in France, attempting to dine.
Sure, you’ve probably seen other people in other countries doing these annoying things, but I was reminded of all this when I was sitting on the bus today and a French woman gets on and can’t stop talking on her phone long enough to put $1.25 into the fare machine.
The other reason for my rant on cellphones is due to the fact that there is an idiot that has called me two to three times a week asking for some friend of his. While annoying, I finally drew the line when he started cussing at me, to which I gladly cussed back and told him off. Not to be abated in any way, he called me again today, seemingly completely oblivious to the fact that he keeps calling me.
I have no idea who his friend is obviously, but given the blatant, active stupidity of this individual, I can understand why the former tenant of my phone changed it. Hopefully he’ll go away soon, or I’ll have to change my number again, as he has to be one of the dumbest or laziest people I’ve ever encountered. Oh yes, he puts on Caller ID blocking, or you could be sure I would return the wonderful treatment.