Celje, Slovenia

I only spent an afternoon there, but this is a really pleasant town in Slovenia. It’s maybe a half hour to the east of Ljubljana and something of a midway point between Maribor and Ljubljana. I could be wrong on all of this as I didn’t do any of the driving over there, but it’s still a nice place and not far from anywhere.
They seem to be doing a lot of renovation on it right now and are really pulling it together. There is a lot of history there, including the fact that there was royalty in the area that rivalled the Hapsburgs in strength until the Hapsburgs cut a deal with them that whomever didn’t have a male heir first would get the other’s lands. It doesn’t take a historian to guess who won.
There are a couple of museums in town, including a medieval arms and armor museum that was unfortunately closed the day I was there. Stupid Saturday before Easter. What good are you to me?
So, while not the blitz of multimedia that my bit on Split, Croatia was, I have a few things assembled from my trip there. Here is a shot of the Dali Cafe along with the Celje Stari Grad. The real gem is this one minute video I did with my cousin Marko at the wheel, which is the five cent Celje City Tour. I hope you can enjoy.