Cedevita, A New Low

When I was in Croatia in 2004, I had this tea that I found to be their version of Lipton, called Franck. It was terrible and I’ve ranted about it before. I didn’t really think it could get any worse, but as of my last trip, I’ve discovered Cedevita, which seems to be a company that got encouraged by the fact Franck could sell such a horrible product and thusly looked to out do them.
Bad is pretty much a compliment with this stuff. It’s something akin to drinking slightly flavored sawdust in a bag. Naturally it doesn’t help that the Croatians are more in to coffee and you usually don’t get hot enough water to brew with, but even when properly prepared, this stuff is foul.
I found it funny that I ran in to it for the first time up in Zagreb. It’s probably because they have what appears to be a manufacturer plant on the outskirts of town (you can see it on the train from Zagreb to Ljubljana.) But it may also be just because it’s cheap. Whatever the case, it should not exist and honestly it’s surprising that it does as I’ve had tea that, while I don’t recognize the brand, is good tea in Zagreb. It seems that they’ve been catering to the more western palates there for awhile and where this bastard tea came from remains a mystery.