CD’s and corks yes, but yard trimmings, no?

It was at the end of last summer that I saw these receptacles and was applauding the local government of Figueres for allowing people the ability to recycle CD’s, corks, light bulbs, and a whole slew of other odd, but regularly consumed items. I’m now beginning to think that these receptacles all just dump in to a single trash can at the bottom of the stand though.
What makes me wonder that is the fact that I was getting a bit too much internet and decided to help out my in-laws by trimming up the bushes in their front yard. They appreciated the work. I appreciated the fact that I will no longer hit my head on the low fig tree branches when chasing the Puppy Terror. Naturally, this all seemed well and good until I went to actually dispose of the trimmings and other green waste.
I asked my mother in law to kindly direct me to the proper bin as a number of them are green. She told that there wasn’t one. Oh, in that case, I’ll load it in the car (somehow) and take it one nearby. No, there aren’t any in that there are none. In the whole town. As far as she has searched. What? How can a town that lets you recycle your mobile phone on the street not have bins for completely, of the earth, compostable material? They just don’t, that’s how.
So naturally, what does one do with this waste? Toss it in the trash? Oh no, that’s no good as they’ll refuse to pick up the trash bin. So, you end up doing what you the rest of the neighborhood does and you either bag it heavily to hide it in the trash or you dump it by the side of the trash for… I don’t know what to happen, some kind of fire I suppose. Naturally, you end up with a pile like you see below. You also end up with me, in one of my less grand moments, sneaking out with my mother in-law at midnight with a handtruck and five massive black plastic bags of yard trimmings to throw in the damned trash to go to the landfill!
I have to say that this is one instance where California beats Spain’s ass. Yeah, I know Spain, you can wave that jamón leg back in our faces while taunting the fact that you only allow 27 of them to be exported to the US a year, but still, no green recycling? I mean, I know San Francisco is progressive in general (except when it comes to picking non-insane mayors) and our goal of no waste by 2020 seems crazy, but come on, tree and bush stuff as about as recyclable as you can get. And every major city in the state has this in place. This is all insane as when I looked in the waste bin the next morning, all I saw were covertly dropped bags of green waste that others had dumped ‘a chorizo’. Ah, is that what it is? Your recycling programs are so efficient that you actually have no real waste and if we didn’t sneak in green waste disguised as actual waste, there would be nothing to pick up? Because if it isn’t, shake off the sangría and wake up to green waste!
CD's and corks yes, but yard trimmings, no?