Okay, the Google Street Trike is super cool

The once-in-a-blue-moon offerings from the Google Africa blog produced an article about their Google Street Trikes today. Basically, you take a Google Street View car and smash it in to a tricycle to get a highly-mobile, pedal-powered imaging machine. They’re deploying them in South Africa, but I could easily see these being used other places on the continent as well as oh… everywhere in the world.
It’s always a tad bit annoying when using Street View to come across a street that a car can’t drive down and so you’re just stuck there, looking at it, trying to zoom in, in the hopes you can see more of it and figure out where the place is. While not a big problem in the US where the concept of a pedestrian zone is an incredibly rare occurrence, in Europe, whole sections of cities have been un-viewable due to the limitation that Google Street View is generated by cameras mounted on cars. Maybe some people are happy with it this way, but as it currently sits places like the entire old town of Barcelona are not viewable and that’s a shame as it’s one of the most interesting parts of the city to see; drunken, urinating tourists aside.
Anyways, you can watch the trike in action around Stonehenge in the video below which they’ve included in the article I linked to above: