A very different trip to Israel

My previous (as well as first) journey to Israel was in 2014 being invited on a press trip by an organization there to tour the wines of Israel. Having not a single Jewish bone in my body that I’m aware of, yet growing up in the US, fully saturated on news of the never-ending Israel-Palestine … Continue reading "A very different trip to Israel"... >>

A new guide to the wines of Georgia

I didn’t make much mention about the Republic of Georgia last year short of bemusement over how people interpret directions and my ever-present international fixation on toilets. I suppose there were few words written as I spent several months in this country in the Caucasus Mountains and all my text-generating juice afterwards was going in … Continue reading "A new guide to the wines of Georgia"... >>

As the Priorat crumbles

Capping off a series of very busy months where I’ve little time to do much but try and keep up with writing, Editor in Chief sent me this article (in Catalan) which basically says that population of Priorat County, where I live, has decreased 6% over the last five years. As I explain on the … Continue reading "As the Priorat crumbles"... >>

On sommelier certification

For anyone who (sensibly) doesn’t follow my social media spew, I’ve just passed the Certified Sommelier examinations given by the European chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS). So, what the hell does that mean? In brief, I have attained a certain level of wine knowledge above and beyond that what say, 99% of … Continue reading "On sommelier certification"... >>

Designing wine tours

For some time I’ve had my wine tours as a small subsection of this website. This was primarily because this site worked as something of an assemblage of everything I do in the world of wine and elsewhere. In talking with fellow local wine and food enthusiasts at the Dalmacija Wine Expo last month (where … Continue reading "Designing wine tours"... >>