As the Priorat crumbles

Capping off a series of very busy months where I’ve little time to do much but try and keep up with writing, Editor in Chief sent me this article (in Catalan) which basically says that population of Priorat County, where I live, has decreased 6% over the last five years. As I explain on the... read more >

On sommelier certification

For anyone who (sensibly) doesn’t follow my social media spew, I’ve just passed the Certified Sommelier examinations given by the European chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS). So, what the hell does that mean? In brief, I have attained a certain level of wine knowledge above and beyond that what say, 99% of... read more >

Designing wine tours

For some time I’ve had my wine tours as a small subsection of this website. This was primarily because this site worked as something of an assemblage of everything I do in the world of wine and elsewhere. In talking with fellow local wine and food enthusiasts at the Dalmacija Wine Expo last month (where... read more >

Reflections on a harvest done

“Most know that viticulture is a horribly stressful occupation that I posit is up there with being an air traffic controller” I stated in a recent article for Master of Wine and recipient of the Order of the British Empire, Jancis Robinson about the Priorat harvest. I wrote the article after I tossed back a... read more >

How to visit Priorat

As I offer wine tours of various Catalan regions such as Montsant & Priorat, I naturally get contacted by people to guide them. Some come with few preconceived ideas about this beautiful land other than the fact that they like the wines. Others come with a set idea of what they want to do and... read more >