Tripadvisor’s new scam: blocking negative reviews

I recently returned from a quite excellent trip to Georgia (country or, Sakartvelo to be more exact) and spent a fast week and a half there eating the fantastic food like a pig, drinking the wine, and checking out the ancient sites they have. It was a great trip, although all the articles in English... read more >

Barcelona creates reasonable Airbnb rules that no one will follow

As I wrote a few months back, I’m not a fan of Airbnb who have apparently taken on massively comical proportions with their new “Belong Anywhere” campaign and #mankind hashtag. WTF? It reminds me a great deal of the fictional internet company, Hooli in “Silicon Valley” and their CEO’s “It takes change to make change”.... read more >

Responsive Design cometh

Just when you thought it was safe to good in and code again, Google has essentially demanded that all websites be mobile friendly. This essentially means being what is called “responsive”. For those not in the web trade this is a school of design wherein you use on code base to create a website that... read more >

The fading Google Adsense

For those who maybe don’t know, benevolent data lord, Google makes nearly all of its money via advertising. The same goes for Facebook as well so despite anyone touting how these are the torchbearers of a new economy and the way forward, they do pretty much the same thing that we’ve been doing for the... read more >

There’s a douche in my shower

As I’ve only really been an avid traveler for the last 12 or so years (when you live in California, every direction for many hours is still the United States) I never knew how it used to be to find a hotel in that pre-internet era. Even booking places in Croatia in 2004, I used... read more >