All your streets are belong to Goog

Two weeks back, I visited Poboleda in the Priorat region of Catalonia in order to profile Genium for an upcoming Vinologue enotourism guide. We like to include GPS coordinates as street addresses in rural areas can be “cranky”. So, just to make sure that I was putting the pin in the right spot, I checked … Continue reading "All your streets are belong to Goog"... >>

Timely desires

For the last several years I’ve realized that if I were to die tomorrow I’d really have no regrets as to what I did during my time on the planet. Obviously given that I’d like to do a great deal more, I wouldn’t particularly enjoy waking up dead tomorrow, but even still, I’m generally pleased … Continue reading "Timely desires"... >>

Twitter vs. the World Cup

On the 9th day of July, 2006, the final game of the World Cup was being played. In France vs. Italy, it was Italy that was ultimately victorious mainly due to Zidane’s idiotic headbutt in the 110th minute. In that same month, a small little website that had been previously been used internally by the … Continue reading "Twitter vs. the World Cup"... >>

Better employment through omission

Offices in the US are terrified to hell of languages. On a certain level, it makes sense given that the majority of culture in the US happens in a monolingual environment and our closest neighbors are a 1.5-2 hour flight away. But in another way, it limits the outreach of whatever it is that that … Continue reading "Better employment through omission"... >>

Our one embassy is all-powerful

When things were looking worse in Côte d’Ivoire than they are now (and honestly, they’re really not that great now) it was time to think about a route of egress. The initial one that came to mind was hopping across the Ghanaian border which is just 20km east of Abengourou. Of course, it’s good it … Continue reading "Our one embassy is all-powerful"... >>