The Old Gas Station

For anyone who (rightly) doesn’t bother following my social media, I’m currently “in the field” researching a new wine book for Georgia which was made possible by being selected as this year’s winner of the Geoffrey Roberts Award. Self-pimpery aside, for the last month or so, I’ve been reminded as to why I can, at... read more >

Tripadvisor’s new scam: blocking negative reviews

I recently returned from a quite excellent trip to Georgia (country or, Sakartvelo to be more exact) and spent a fast week and a half there eating the fantastic food like a pig, drinking the wine, and checking out the ancient sites they have. It was a great trip, although all the articles in English... read more >

The 160€ solution to Barcelona’s tourism problem

If you’ve been following the news lately and been wondering if you should avoid Barcelona as it has become a grossly touristic and unsustainable destination, let me tell you most emphatically yes, you should avoid it. I live in Catalonia and I generally avoid going in to Barcelona, especially in July and August as it’s... read more >

God bless you shitty McDonald’s

While I’ve traveled to Muslim countries before, I hadn’t traveled to one during Ramadan. As timing would have it and my desire to visit winemaking regions in North Africa was strong enough, I ended up going there with winemaking friend Albert from Priorat who is involved with a new project in Morocco. We flew from... read more >