A very different trip to Israel

My previous (as well as first) journey to Israel was in 2014 being invited on a press trip by an organization there to tour the wines of Israel. Having not a single Jewish bone in my body that I’m aware of, yet growing up in the US, fully saturated on news of the never-ending Israel-Palestine … Continue reading "A very different trip to Israel"... >>

A new guide to the wines of Georgia

I didn’t make much mention about the Republic of Georgia last year short of bemusement over how people interpret directions and my ever-present international fixation on toilets. I suppose there were few words written as I spent several months in this country in the Caucasus Mountains and all my text-generating juice afterwards was going in … Continue reading "A new guide to the wines of Georgia"... >>

The Old Gas Station

For anyone who (rightly) doesn’t bother following my social media, I’m currently “in the field” researching a new wine book for Georgia which was made possible by being selected as this year’s winner of the Geoffrey Roberts Award. Self-pimpery aside, for the last month or so, I’ve been reminded as to why I can, at … Continue reading "The Old Gas Station"... >>

Return of the Shath: Brighton, Turkey, Georgia… and beyond!

Upon arriving about two hours late to the house I was staying at in Brighton for the ICCWS, my host showed me the bathroom and said, “It’s a little strange. You have to sit down to shower or water gets everywhere.” I nodded in acceptance of this fine, fine Airbnb turd because I knew this … Continue reading "Return of the Shath: Brighton, Turkey, Georgia… and beyond!"... >>

Tripadvisor’s new scam: blocking negative reviews

I recently returned from a quite excellent trip to Georgia (country or, Sakartvelo to be more exact) and spent a fast week and a half there eating the fantastic food like a pig, drinking the wine, and checking out the ancient sites they have. It was a great trip, although all the articles in English … Continue reading "Tripadvisor’s new scam: blocking negative reviews"... >>