The universal numbers one and two

I grew up in an era that introduced the low-flush toilet to the United States. This change fully came about in 1994 which happened to coincide with a complete bathroom remodel in my parent’s home. Being decently ecologically minded and faced with no options, we bought one of these new toilets and quickly realized that … Continue reading "The universal numbers one and two"... >>

All hail the Urine Rockets

There is a certain point one reaches while living in San Francisco wherein you’re walking along and you encounter a person shitting between two parked cars. Besides realizing that you’re going to save all kinds of money on not having to eat your next meal(s) you realize that the US in general does quite poorly … Continue reading "All hail the Urine Rockets"... >>

Fit neither to stand nor sit

Admittedly, my fascination with European toilets has few limits. Really, toilets in general fascinate me through their random implementations that all generally try to accomplish the same thing. Thus we come to the incredibly horrible shot I took with my old Blackberry in the bathroom of Rekons, an empanada restaurant in the Eixample/Sant Antoni neighborhood … Continue reading "Fit neither to stand nor sit"... >>

When the seat just isn’t there

To this day, I still don’t know whether to be severely annoyed or severely pleased that the vast majority of toilets in Côte d’Ivoire are simply without seats. Even in fancy restaurants or the international airport, there are no seats. It is without a doubt much more difficult to do your business when there is … Continue reading "When the seat just isn’t there"... >>

A toilet without a proper seat is no toilet at all

Word had come down prior to arrival in Côte d’Ivoire that the seat on the toilet in the house that #1 Fan had rented was less than optimal. Replacement was not going to be easy as the only seats you can get in the smallish town of Abengourou are all the same thin, cheap, plastic … Continue reading "A toilet without a proper seat is no toilet at all"... >>