When doing the right thing is just stupid

My general thinking on found money is that if it’s just money, it’s free game. Thus my retirement plan is to stumble across a suitcase of money someday with no ID. Shockingly, this hasn’t happened yet and I usually just find myself in the situation such as yesterday wherein I went shopping in Reus (the … Continue reading "When doing the right thing is just stupid"... >>

The Spanish hamburger

There is generally one thing to keep in mind when ordering a hamburger in Spain which is that they take the “ham” part of the burger a bit too literally and as such, they’re generally a blend of beef and pork. For anyone accustomed to the American style of hamburger (watch Anthony Bourdain wax poetic … Continue reading "The Spanish hamburger"... >>

Adopting the dog, Senyor Bruc joins the masia

Back when I still posting photos on this website I had an entire section dedicated to dogs. Naturally, I like dogs. I also like cats but the difference is cats typically view you as a source of food and litter box cleaning whereas dogs are your buddy. There are obviously exceptions but living in apartments … Continue reading "Adopting the dog, Senyor Bruc joins the masia"... >>

The secret to understanding Spanish tollgates

As I spend a lot of my time near Girona when not guiding wine tours or off on other wine adventures, I’m often using the western ring road to pop in and out of town. This is due to driving through Girona being one of those things in life that can spontaneously give you scabies. … Continue reading "The secret to understanding Spanish tollgates"... >>

Heating Wile E. Coyote style

There are only a couple of ways that come to mind so you can get to know your local firefighters. The easiest is to bake them something, stop by their station, hang out, maybe run a hot bath with salts and offer up full rub downs afterwards. Then there much more terrifying method which is … Continue reading "Heating Wile E. Coyote style"... >>