Bold moments in italic

In what feels like a different life at this point, during my final year in San Francisco I wrote a number of articles for an online publication called “The Bold Italic”. This was 2011 and while I’d been writing a great deal to that point, it was mostly for my website The Tender or a … Continue reading "Bold moments in italic"... >>

My name is Miquel and I am a Bolditalic

Let us all gather around, hold hands, exhale, and take stock of what the good lord has given us. Once we vocalize our past transgressions it is only then that we may partake of the bitter coffee and stale donuts in the back. I’ll go first. My name is Miquel. I am a Bolditalic and … Continue reading "My name is Miquel and I am a Bolditalic"... >>

Where did all the online news go, San Francisco?

On no level do I feel like I really need to stay completely on the top of the goings on of my former city, but at the same time, I like to check in and see what’s happening beyond Facebook IPO’s and some new restaurant opened by some guy from that place somewhere in New … Continue reading "Where did all the online news go, San Francisco?"... >>

Of grand openings

If memory serves (which often it doesn’t) the new span of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco opened last week amid a decent degree of fanfare. About 10 years behind schedule and six times the original cost at $6.5 billion, it’s a something I like to point out to friends and relatives in Spain to … Continue reading "Of grand openings"... >>

A 90% defense of Peter Shih

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the start up culture of San Francisco and what it’s done to the town over the last 15 years (basically the entire time I lived there after moving from my hometown in Northern California) but at the same time, this whole Peter Shih hate has gotten … Continue reading "A 90% defense of Peter Shih"... >>