The Slovenian Obama

When most folks think, “Slovenia”, they usually first think, “What?” and then when prodded a bit further they might think, “Member of the EU and Eurozone”, “beer“, “47km of coast”, and again, “What?” Yeah, this little chicken-shaped country of two million people is not known by many. It’s known by me as I have family … Continue reading "The Slovenian Obama"... >>

Why Can’t White People get to the Question?

It was in my first semester at UC Berkeley that I got fully introduced to just how dumb, rambling, and endless a “question” could be. There was this woman in my Modernist Poetry class (don’t laugh, it was the best class and Thom Gunn one of the best lecturers I ever had, may that gifted … Continue reading "Why Can’t White People get to the Question?"... >>

You don’t like black people?

So, I’m walking out of my place, headphones on, destination set, eyes forward, when out of the corner of my eye, there’s a guy decently well-dressed smoking a cigarette. He says something to me that I can’t hear due to the headphones, but unlike how I usually am when random people start talking to me, … Continue reading "You don’t like black people?"... >>