Barcelona Airport now thinks for you

There are many common courtesies the world over which should be, but as of yet are not common knowledge among humanity. These include such items as step right on the escalator, have your ticket and money ready when you come to a highway toll, and of course, don’t run naked through city neighborhoods like a … Continue reading "Barcelona Airport now thinks for you"... >>

Getting from Barcelona Airport to the center, easily & cheaply

This seems like a really stupid article to write, but after a couple of visits recently (one for a wine tour and the other a cousin I haven’t seen in awhile) I’ve realized that there is a very shitty mafia out there try to discourage people arriving at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport to take the … Continue reading "Getting from Barcelona Airport to the center, easily & cheaply"... >>

Back on the tram again, Montpellier style

I’m generally not a huge fan of trams (the street kind, not the alpine mountain kind) as I think of them as buses with limitations, especially when talking about the ones in Zagreb where I think you can reach the Hungarian border by car faster than you can traverse the city by tram. But, with … Continue reading "Back on the tram again, Montpellier style"... >>

A path undesirable

For those unaware, there is something called a “desire path” which, despite the name, is not the most direct route to a prostitute, but is usually the most direct path formed when a people are presented with the choice to get to their destination. The smarter of city planners use their to their advantage and … Continue reading "A path undesirable"... >>

Everyone remembers their first AVE

Friends have taken Spain’s AVE trains multiple times and despite being from the US (where talking about fast trains is fightin’ words) I’m no stranger to high speed rail, but it’s been more on the TGV, including a wonderfully delicious trip four years ago where striking farmers dumped carrots on the tracks and forced it … Continue reading "Everyone remembers their first AVE"... >>