Another time in Grand Bassam

After a week or two in the interior of Côte d’Ivoire, Editor-in-Chief and I would emerge from the 40C days and 90% humidity to arriving in Abidjan and stay with friends for the weekend. Weekends for those in Abidjan meant going out to the coast of Grand Bassam, a coast blessed with having a narrow... read more >

I will never be a Jeffersonian

Naturally, I came across this rather surprisingly strong move to try and split up California in to six new states on the BBC. That says something about where you’re getting your American news although this article on Vox has more to add to it as well. It should be noted that there is nothing terribly... read more >

A path undesirable

For those unaware, there is something called a “desire path” which, despite the name, is not the most direct route to a prostitute, but is usually the most direct path formed when a people are presented with the choice to get to their destination. The smarter of city planners use their to their advantage and... read more >

The Catalan Way to independence through croquetes *

Despite a ragingly horrid economy, one of the good things about being Catalonia right now is that you can quite literally watch history being made. Europe, in addition to being where white people come from, has been quite good at producing history throughout the years and doesn’t show any sign of letting up, although Asia... read more >