Of wine Instagrams

Instagram is fun little digital place to hang out. In fact, it’s one of the few rewarding social media systems that I still enjoy because it’s quite simply, photos. While I’d like to include a link in a comment here and there, the fact that this is disabled I have to respect as the system … Continue reading "Of wine Instagrams"... >>

A photo finish

For some time I’ve made a rather huge effort to stay on top of updating the photo galleries and what is essentially a photo “blog” on my site. That effort pretty much stalled nearly a year ago with a photo that was from a trip to Menorca. Tasty, yes, but it got a bit old. … Continue reading "A photo finish"... >>

You are my glow, Mister Obama

At first, this photo of a stop by Obama in San Francisco’s Chinatown didn’t seem like too much to me. Then, I looked at it closer and realized that I had missed a serious what the fuck moment. Look at that dude in the window just above the frowning black-suited Secret Service guy’s shoulder. What’s … Continue reading "You are my glow, Mister Obama"... >>

Mid-City Market 21:45 on a Saturday

There has been the ongoing debate for my last 10 or so years of living in the Upper Tenderloin as to which of the Tesoro burrito joints is better. They’re essentially the same distance from me, but I preferred the one at O’Farrell & Leavenworth possibly due to the straight walking trajectory from my apartment … Continue reading "Mid-City Market 21:45 on a Saturday"... >>

Evening at Sutter & Leavenworth

When the sun is able to shine from the western side of San Francisco, I’ve often encountered this view of sunset. A blinding, dizzying final blast of light before dusk and then night settle in. Whether on the street, squinting in to the rays, or shifting slightly in my arm chair to avoid the reflection … Continue reading "Evening at Sutter & Leavenworth"... >>