El Born or el Borne neighborhood in Barcelona?

For those who haven’t yet become aware of the fact, Barcelona–and for that matter Catalonia as a whole–is officially a fully bilingual region no matter what right wing Spanish media says to the contrary. This seems to be a rather gigantic shock to those who come from abroad to live here because when finding that … Continue reading "El Born or el Borne neighborhood in Barcelona?"... >>

Catalan vs. Catalonian

There was an article I recently read about how the .cat domain name came about. The summary for those not familiar is that this is an official language domain extension for the Catalan language. There are several of these domains but when it was created, it was unheard of and had the currently rancid government … Continue reading "Catalan vs. Catalonian"... >>

It’s the subjunctive, stupid

There are various points I’ve reached in my learning of Catalan which are noteworthy. The first one was the most gratifying and consisted of “Oh, you speak Catalan? You speak it very well.” or “You’ve only been speaking for a year and a half? Impressive.” These comments have gone by the wayside in recent months. … Continue reading "It’s the subjunctive, stupid"... >>

On Learning Catalan

In the latest edition of Metropolitan, they’ve run an article I wrote about my experience using the language school to learn Catalan. For anyone who follows my site, this will of course be old hat as I’ve written about before in rather lengthy terms, here, here, here, here, and here. As you may have guessed, … Continue reading "On Learning Catalan"... >>

The Castilian Chip

I’ve recently been working in an office here in Barcelona with people who are all from Catalonia and under the age of 40. What this means is that they all grew up in the “return to democracy” period wherein Catalonia regained its right to bilingual education in the schools with Catalan are the primary language. … Continue reading "The Castilian Chip"... >>