The state of bandwidth in Ghana

Given the focus of what I’m doing in the coding of Maneno, I am very concerned as the state of bandwidth and availability of internet in African countries. While traveling through through Accra, Cape Coast, and Kumasi, I had a decent taste of the speed and reliability. I have to say that overall, it is … Continue reading "The state of bandwidth in Ghana"... >>

Blogging in Ghana

I was ever so pleased to be able to meet up with the Ghanaian blogging group this last Thursday in Accra. Again, many thanks to them for shifting their regular meeting date back a week so that I and others from Maker Faire Africa could attend. In the week that I was previously bopping around … Continue reading "Blogging in Ghana"... >>

SMS/Low bandwidth Maker Faire Africa session

For those who didn’t know, Maker Faire Africa was not only a fair of those who make things, but it also had a number of open-forum sessions tied in to it to talk about various African-related tech items. On Sunday I was part of this one that blended together building SMS applications with building for … Continue reading "SMS/Low bandwidth Maker Faire Africa session"... >>

Makers: Nana Kofi Acquah

The Maker Faire Africa was focusing a great deal on more physical things, but there were others in the crowd that fell in to the more traditional definition of an artist that makes. One such person was Nana Kofi Acquah, a Ghanaian photographer. I actually met Nana before the fair started at the monthly Ghanaian … Continue reading "Makers: Nana Kofi Acquah"... >>

Ocean View Internet is coworking, but doesn’t know it

I was tempted to not even write this article as despite chatting with the owner of this internet cafe in Cape Coast, Ghana, he simply would not give me any kind of interview. I showed him Maneno. I showed him this blog. I showed him Maker Faire Africa. I nearly even told him I’d marry … Continue reading "Ocean View Internet is coworking, but doesn’t know it"... >>