The Old Gas Station

For anyone who (rightly) doesn’t bother following my social media, I’m currently “in the field” researching a new wine book for Georgia which was made possible by being selected as this year’s winner of the Geoffrey Roberts Award. Self-pimpery aside, for the last month or so, I’ve been reminded as to why I can, at … Continue reading "The Old Gas Station"... >>

Shipping your worldies, internationally

There are many levels of mafia in this modern age. Sure, some may go by the guise of “corporation” but they are, despite their official status, still a mafia that you have to deal with. And so it goes with shipping goods by boat. Yes, there appear to be many companies when you start looking … Continue reading "Shipping your worldies, internationally"... >>

iPhone users not knowing which end is up

There is a bit of a rumble in the Apple-worship sects about Google Maps being dropped from the iPhone. Personally, that’s a rat’s ass I’m not terribly inclined to really give as there as aspects of Google Maps that do indeed suck. For instance, trying to use it to navigate any part of Spain where … Continue reading "iPhone users not knowing which end is up"... >>

Technology maps Catalonia a new asshole

TomTom, glorious purveyor of all things related to GPS and driving (and the “regalo perfecto” according to their website) is really screwing Catalonia via half-assed technology that people are taking as infallible. The problem, as explained in this article is that TomTom (and probably others) says that by going through a dinky little village called, … Continue reading "Technology maps Catalonia a new asshole"... >>

Of all the islands in the South Atlantic to hit…

Some time back, I wrote about this bizarre little island in the middle of nowhere in the Atlantic called, Tristan da Cunha. How middle of nowhere? 2,816km from the nearest port in South Africa nowhere, that’s where. Bizarrely, when checking out their official site, I found out that the MS Olivia, a massive freighter ran … Continue reading "Of all the islands in the South Atlantic to hit…"... >>