The way to the fountain of Vaucluse

To be fair, if it’s a Sunday and the weather is nice in Southern France, you should probably stay in. If you are to tempt a journey of any length or destination, you will find one of the most insipid and painful types of tourists in France, the French themselves or more to the point, … Continue reading "The way to the fountain of Vaucluse"... >>

The long, dark honeymoon

I despise the weak, shriveled men who enable women such as this. Enthralled at the prospect of leaving his wife and daughters for the chance to be with a woman in her late 40’s who is attempting to look like she’s in her early 30’s, he took her on their honeymoon to Italy and then … Continue reading "The long, dark honeymoon"... >>

Back on the tram again, Montpellier style

I’m generally not a huge fan of trams (the street kind, not the alpine mountain kind) as I think of them as buses with limitations, especially when talking about the ones in Zagreb where I think you can reach the Hungarian border by car faster than you can traverse the city by tram. But, with … Continue reading "Back on the tram again, Montpellier style"... >>

Of wine and Cerbère

It was sitting in the Passeig de Gràcia station five years ago where I had my first exposure to Cerbère, the most southern town on France’s Mediterranean coast. I had arrived from San Francisco, ready for adventure with #1 Fan. Sitting there in that station, jetlag still painting the world an odd shade of strange, … Continue reading "Of wine and Cerbère"... >>

Ah… pour un vent violent

While completely fascinated by it, I still don’t care for the Tramuntana which means I will probably never be able to be a resident of Figueres, shucks. Nothing new there, but what was new was experiencing la Tramontane while up shopping at Auchan in France. It’s just as squirrely a creature up there. As you … Continue reading "Ah… pour un vent violent"... >>