Yes, location

In Falset, there was a sweets shop at Carrer de Baix 12 called, Pastisseria López. The building it called home had two main features: a solid column, encrusted with some form of stone that matched the rest of the interior and then sitting at the main corner that is one of entrances to Plaça de … Continue reading "Yes, location"... >>

Lidl, the cronut, and shark jumping

I feel that there is a general rule in life in that once something has emerged in New York City, it has “jumped the shark” globally. Sure, an of-the-moment food item or stage play or fashion bit or whatever it may be will pop up in San Francisco 2-3 years later and then in Spain … Continue reading "Lidl, the cronut, and shark jumping"... >>

The Spanish hamburger

There is generally one thing to keep in mind when ordering a hamburger in Spain which is that they take the “ham” part of the burger a bit too literally and as such, they’re generally a blend of beef and pork. For anyone accustomed to the American style of hamburger (watch Anthony Bourdain wax poetic … Continue reading "The Spanish hamburger"... >>

God bless you shitty McDonald’s

While I’ve traveled to Muslim countries before, I hadn’t traveled to one during Ramadan. As timing would have it and my desire to visit winemaking regions in North Africa was strong enough, I ended up going there with winemaking friend Albert from Priorat who is involved with a new project in Morocco. We flew from … Continue reading "God bless you shitty McDonald’s"... >>

And San Francisco may be right behind you

Well, that should actually be phrased New York is right behind San Francisco which may be right behind you. I say this because most likely due to its size and cultural gravity, most trends in the US–and possibly many parts of the world–start in New York City. Somewhere around 3-5 years later (the internet has … Continue reading "And San Francisco may be right behind you"... >>