The American to European license Part 2

Nearly two years ago, I went on at length about the process of exchanging a driver’s license from one of the US states to a country in the European Union. I focused specifically on Croatia as, given you can’t exchange a license from the US to a Spanish one but you can in Croatia, where … Continue reading "The American to European license Part 2"... >>

Lidl, the cronut, and shark jumping

I feel that there is a general rule in life in that once something has emerged in New York City, it has “jumped the shark” globally. Sure, an of-the-moment food item or stage play or fashion bit or whatever it may be will pop up in San Francisco 2-3 years later and then in Spain … Continue reading "Lidl, the cronut, and shark jumping"... >>

Exchanging an American driver’s license for European

If you’re an American who resides in the EU, what you’re seeing with this current refugee issue you will see or have already seen on a personal level when it comes to driving legally. There simply is no cross-European policy on how to exchange your American driver’s license for one that will allow you to … Continue reading "Exchanging an American driver’s license for European"... >>

There’s a douche in my shower

As I’ve only really been an avid traveler for the last 12 or so years (when you live in California, every direction for many hours is still the United States) I never knew how it used to be to find a hotel in that pre-internet era. Even booking places in Croatia in 2004, I used … Continue reading "There’s a douche in my shower"... >>

Burger King, Euro way

One might wonder why someone who lives 15 minutes from a three star Michelin restaurant that happens to be rated as the second best in the world would decide one day to eat at America’s #2 burger joint, Burger King. Call it nostalgia or not being able to generally afford Celler de Can Roca or … Continue reading "Burger King, Euro way"... >>