Return of the Shath: Brighton, Turkey, Georgia… and beyond!

Upon arriving about two hours late to the house I was staying at in Brighton for the ICCWS, my host showed me the bathroom and said, “It’s a little strange. You have to sit down to shower or water gets everywhere.” I nodded in acceptance of this fine, fine Airbnb turd because I knew this … Continue reading "Return of the Shath: Brighton, Turkey, Georgia… and beyond!"... >>

Manchester, my but you are small

It’s something of a blasphemous comment to make whilst in the UK but I have to say that I was surprised at how small Manchester was. Landing in what seemed like a decently sized airport and then taking the noisy diesel train (that feels more like a bus on rails) in to the center, I … Continue reading "Manchester, my but you are small"... >>

Heathrow Terminal 5, the $8.6 Billion Thumbs Down

As one might be able to tell with my coverage of airports, I’ve flown far too much, through too many countries over the last couple of months. While nothing compared to some business travelers, I had the joy of logging in 16 flights during this period with four of them being intercontinental to three different … Continue reading "Heathrow Terminal 5, the $8.6 Billion Thumbs Down"... >>